Artist Conversation #10 – Week 13 

Artist: Laura López Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery  Exhibition: Selvàtica  Media: Oil paints and canvas  Year: senior year  Degree: bachelors in architecture and mfa in painting and drawing Laura is a young artist you created these beautiful paintings representing jungles in the most colorful way.  The paintings were mesmerizing to look at, they were both complex and simple. However when trying to speak to Laura for an interview she seemed cold and unwelcoming when asking her questions about herself and paintings she came off as rude. Overall what I did get from her is that she originally from Colombia. Laura got her inspiration … Continue reading Artist Conversation #10 – Week 13 

Classmate Convo #7  -Week 13 

Classmate Conversation Week 13         This week I got to meet Kathryn a third year dance major. Kathryn seemed so nice and approachable from the start, casually starting the convo of the gallery and then moving to doing the classmate convo. I learned that Kathryn is originally from Fresno it not that far but it is quite the drive. But she came to CSULB for their great dance program, she’s been dancing since she was three years old. Kathryn said there were a few years where she even played softball and although she didn’t like playing softball she … Continue reading Classmate Convo #7  -Week 13 

Week 12 Ethnography (Pre-Electric Cultures) 

For this project I wanted to be out doors. I couldn’t be out all night but we were out for most of the night. My boyfriend and I went to the beach on Thursday. After school him and I packed food, and went straight to the beach by the time we got there it was around 6 just as the sun was getting ready to set. We took our picture (a bad pic but whatever). I told him about the project and he was a little scared to be at the beach really late in the dark with no phone. … Continue reading Week 12 Ethnography (Pre-Electric Cultures) 

Week 12-Artist Conversation #9

For Wednesdays class I interviewed artist, Alice Andreini, who’s gallery was NO-MANS LAND. I was amazed looking at the paintings they were huge, and with each one I saw different images but all were landscapes. I saw the moon, a cave, and fields of grass. Each painting was abstract that had lines that made it looks like tiles that seemed so real you wanted to reach out and touch it. I thought they were lovely that you could stare at them for awhile. Alice got the idea of the paintings from a golf course. But didn’t want it to represent … Continue reading Week 12-Artist Conversation #9

Artists Conversation #8

artist: Sovanchan Sorn gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery Exhibition: this is all I remember  Media: video, audio, interview, cotton, silk,wood, LED, monofilament, Copper  Degree: BFA fiber  Instagram: her first name (–)  Website: no website She was the first to graduate college. She emphasized on the importance of her community and her Cambodian background. She wanted to reach a larger pool or audience especially within the Cambodian community in hope to help refugees. This was her bra solo exhibition. Her interests include a few launched programs that went with the same topic of her art for the Cambodian community for 12th grade … Continue reading Artists Conversation #8

Architecture and Urban Plsnning – the Wedge 

The Wedge near Brotman Hall toward the USU and Upper Campus has kind of always been an annoyance for me. Between an two pillars theres a small space where most students go through it as a short cut instead of walking around the wall toward the path. I always saw it as a wall in the way, making students wait their turn to go through the small path instead of walking around. But when reading the assignment I learned what I thought was wall is a decorative architectural elements. It was actually kind of pretty to look at. Yes it … Continue reading Architecture and Urban Plsnning – the Wedge 

Artist Convo #7 

Name Brittany water  Gallery: Dennis w dutzi gallery  Exhibition: #morethanasandbox  Media: clay  Instagram  Year: Senior Year Major:  bfa in ceramic art sculpture artists         This week artist conversation I got to meet Brittany Water, who made #MoreThanASandbox. When you first walk into the gallery its a pathway of photos in seaturtles framed on the wall. My first assumption was the artist was a photographer. But when the wall ends around the corner is a small beach setting. It surprised me and many people. It was so pretty and cute. The floor was covered in sand there was a … Continue reading Artist Convo #7