Landscapes with a corpse

Like most deaths mine was unexpected. It was early Sunday morning and I decided to go for a run at a near by park. I liked going to the park near my house because I use to play softball there with my family every summer. It was a place that I felt safe and comfortable in. It doesn’t have the most beautiful view but I thought of it as a peaceful view because it was so simple. I took a break and sat on the bench in the baseball field next thing I knew I was lying on bench looking at the field between the fence. It must taken awhile before anyone noticed my body because from certain angles I look like another homeless person sleeping on a bench. The photos below show where I was found and the last things I saw. But if you look closely you can even see the footprints of my possible murderer. How sad that I just came out trying to be healthy, go for a run, so I can live a long healthy life only to die. How ironic. 


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