Artist Conversation #1

Artist: La RosaExhibition: La Rosa 

Media: Acrylic, spray paint, ink, watercolor, and mixed media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi


Instagram: @larosa.artist
On Wednesday the class went to look at many artists galleries and all were very fascinating none were alike but their was one gallery that caught my eye and had me go back in a couple of more times. Even the name of the gallery just called me in. The La Rosa gallery just interested me so much I knew I wanted to do my artist conversation on them. Sadly they weren’t there when I was looking so I had to find a way to contact the artist luckily they left their card with all their information. I emailed La Rosa and got to ask my questions but wouldn’t answer the question to what their name is. I did discover their name however they preferred if I kept it to as La Rosa and I decided Im going to keep their preference. Artist La Rosa is an undergraduate student. Currently in their third year, a junior and just started studying art last semester. They are currently studying for a BA in Studio Art. 

In the gallery La Rosa left a letter describing his gallery, that it was about feeling, to provoke heartfelt emotion and chase beauty. To grasp a sense of wonder and honesty, to love, and love what broken. His art involved mystery, madness, and beauty. I asked what inspired his work and he replied, “ The inspiration behind my work is the nature of human emotion, the interpretation of beauty, and the perspective of youth. My art is meant to provoke emotion and getting those to really feel. It’s about love, broken love, hope, rebellion, and chasing beauty.” I thought it was very well said. La Rosa explained to me why they wanted to keep the mystery of their name. They said, “I like to keep it as La Rosa, because I believe that we as humans are all artists in our own craft and in our way of thinking. La Rosa is meant to be that anyone can be La Rosa, and anyone can be an artist.” 

The first thing that popped in my head when I saw the name La Rosa was the card from the Latin game loteria. I don’t know if their was a significance with the two I didn’t get to ask but if I had to guess I feel that a rose is to present beauty but also pain to remind people that even something beautiful is not perfect or can cause pain. I personally love flowers especially roses but always hated getting cut from the thorns but I’d still admired them. La Rosa’s paintings were so beautiful to me, it felt like I was staring at them for hours. When I tried to take photos of the paintings I felt the pictures just didn’t do the paintings justice. I know thats something a lot of people say but it’s true especially since Im an awful photographer. I loved most of the paintings in the gallery they were simple and daring. The paintings were held by fancy frames but those frames would be covered in paint smears or sprayed caned. There was one painting that didn’t have a frame and it was a landscape with flowers in the front and right in the middle was a whole right through the canvas, “Waldeinsamkeit”. I didn’t know what to think of it at first, even it name confused me. I actually ignored the hole in the painting when I was in the gallery because I thought the painting was still beautiful. Later on I was staring at a picture of the painting I took and realized all I was looking at was the hole. I questioned myself as to why at first I ignored the hole no problem then find myself a day or two later looking at nothing but the hole. It got me to think of people, when we first get to know people we try not to see the bad thing but maybe only the good thing but that changes within time that sometimes all we can focus on is the bad. Another painting I enjoyed was “Superficial Sincerity” the painting was so simple they looked like like doodles a person does in their notebook when they’re bored something I do when I’m bored in class but surrounding the simple painting was a beautiful frame but that frame covered in spray can paint. I reminded me of a child coloring outside of the lines of their coloring book. I found it bold, I found the whole gallery to be bold, it had me feel, reminded me of little things I can see in my life. I wish I could’ve met this artist and interviewed them face to face, and ask so many other questions especially the significance of the dove to their name La Rosa. 


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