Art Care Package 

Who you’re sending it to: My friend, close to my age  
Whats in the package: Contains some paintings and drawings I created, stickers of my favorite artists, picture of me and my friends, tickets from places I’ve been to including dodger game, queen mary, LA zoo lights, and my first concert. 

Honestly it was pretty fun created this package because as I was looking for objects to put in it I got distracted from pictures and gifts my friends and family got me. Thinking back on it made me feel happy I had to show my family the pictures I had that I forgot we took. Made as laugh and think how long ago that was. Looking at my old paintings made me wish I had more time to draw like I use to. 

1How is sending someone an ACP similar to sending someone a Snapchat?

Its similar to snapchat because first of all you’re creating the image and then sending it to a certain person or certain people or share it with everyone you know. All your choice, the image can can contain what you want. 
2How is sending someone an ACP different from sending them a Snapchat?

Its much more personal, Ive always sent my friends pictures of my paintings, places Im going, and pictures but it feels so much more different when all the materials are right there in front of you and sending it someone. On snapchat the picture will go away in less than ten seconds but with the care package the person could keep it knowing how much it means to me or not. 
3What do you think of ephemera? Is it precious? Or trash? Does it gain in value over time? Does your grandma’s parking ticket from half a century ago mean something to you? What about her tickets from Woodstock <;? What might your grandkids think if you one day gave them the bead bracelet you wore at Coachella?

I think ephemera is precious like you don’t think about it but things we find as not important or value or could be different for someone else. Like the saying one persons trash is another persons treasure. Im kind of a hoarder I always keep letters, cards, pictures, and tickets of places I’ve been to even movie stubs I keep. I think its because sometimes Im too lazy to clean out my purse but also when I do find it, it reminds me of  a good time. I think it would be cool to have a souvenir from a great experience and maybe have my grandkids find it and think its cool or silly but seeing it again would just bring back some great memories. 
4Is there a difference between art that is seen by many people, like a painting in the Museum of Modern Art, and art that is seen by few, like the ACP you send to someone?

I don’t think so for most artists their art is very personal and I tried to make my ACP very personal as well. And personally I wouldn’t mind sharing it either. 
5You can take a Snapchat and a friend on the other side of the globe can view it, all within seconds. To make an ACP and send it even to a nearby friend will take days. Does this time and effort difference mean something? How is fast better? How is slow better?

Of course the time and effort makes a difference. Anything home made is always much more significance. Faster is better because you can get the item quicker and have it longer but slow can be better because its something to look forward to and the wait can be worth it. 
6People sometimes say things like prepare a meal with love. Can you prepare a meal with love as fast as you can get food at a McDonald’s drive-thru? Does an ACP have the possibility of containing a sort of “love” different from a Snapchat?

Probably not as quick as a McDonalds meal they’re pretty quick when it comes to fast food. But yeah I think it can be a same type of love. A gift and picture can share the same emotion. They’re both objects to hold on and a memory. 

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