Artist Conversation #2

Artist: Jenny Cho Exhibition: INPROCESS

Media: Mixed media; nylon on wood panel, silk flowers on wood panel, lipstick on wood panel, Acrylic, electrical wire, metal, succulent plants, and circuit board on wood panel, synthetic hair on wood panel, watercolor paper, electrical diodes on watercolor paper, Gouache and ink on bristol paper, sawdust, acrylic, glass jars, sketchbook, paintbrush, and plywood, Paper, acrylic, felt, silver wire, wood, Barbie doll head, Barbie doll shoes, cutouts of 1960s-70s Playboy imagery, mirror, glitter, artist’s hair, glass bottle, moss, and thread.

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Instagram: cxthxdx_gxrl 
     This week the class was fortunate to have many of the artists stay in their galleries. I admired many of the artists and their work but the one that stood out the most to me was Inprocess. The artist in that gallery that I liked the most was Jenny Cho. Jenny Cho even though she doesn’t look it is 36 years old, she is a senior in her last semester of drawing and painting. Her goal is to get her masters in art and become a teacher. She said she was a late artists she figured her calling was music until she took an art class and found her passion. This is technically her first art exhibit. 

       I thought her work was very pretty it called the girly side of me and I even got to tell her that when interviewing her but she blew my mind when she told me the significance and even a few secrets to her art. Jenny Cho’s work is about feminism, fine art vs craft, and gender identity. Her piece, “Can You See Him” you can see painting of princesses with some words but you don’t get a clear view because on top is are layers of nylons. When I first saw it I heard the urge to try to move the nylon so I can have a better view of what was under, but of course like most I felt like I wasn’t allowed to touch the art, however Jenny said that was the point. The audience is supposed to move the layers of nylon to see the true painting. The painting you can see princesses and a message. She got the images and message from a story book that said fairy tales for girls and that sparked the thought these stories shouldn’t only be limited to girls. A boy who might be gay might enjoy these stories but because of society he isn’t “allowed” to enjoy them. So to be accepted by society a boy might have to hide behind these layers even though he might enjoy things that would be considered girly. And to top it off she pointed out where “He” is, in the painting theres a bulge the bulge to represent a males bulge but is hidden by his layers/nylon. 

       Most of Jenny’s work was made of inexpensive material that could be found anywhere. She said most of time is spent in thrift shops which shows she likes to reuse items. Most of work were old paintings from her past work that were altered with the help and inspiration from Mary jane(hint hint). Jenny never has an ideal plan with her paintings as she said she likes to have fun with work it’s all spontaneous. I really enjoyed this artist, she was kind and humorous. Her work caught my eye but it impressed me even more when I learned the messages and significance. 


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