Artist Conversation #3

Artist: Yeri Hwang 
Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Media: wood acrylic, latex, plaster, dry wall, electronics, fog machine 


Instagram: @yertyeil

         Yeri Hwang is an Multidisciplinary Artist, she does illustration and kinetic sculptures. She is a fourth year student, finishing her last semester, and getting her BFA in studio art. Yeri  began as an animation major then moved to illustration and is now doing sculpture. She doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do when she graduates. Just like when creating her art Yeri doesnt exactly have a plan of what happens. When asking about her goals to have the audience understand is she wants to break that rule of art cant be touched. The point of her art is so the audience can interact with it. The first piece that caught my eye was Origin, it was a miniature form of the Creation of Adam with a little button that you press having Adam and Moses touch and have a flash of light go off. Yeri said the point of the flash was to show an instant moment in time like the Big Bang it was big flash and all these events happened. The name of her gallery is “Within Us” she wrote that her gallery was a journey. That we’ve all gone through our own personal traumas and that it’s a journey to conquer our traumas. Each of her pieces has an illustration, motivated words letting the audience know they can accomplish anything and continue their journey. I really enjoyed how much people were interacting with her art. Playing with some of the pieces or writing about their own personal problems. 


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