Artist Conversation #5

Artist: Elena Roznovan 
Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East 

Exhibition: Stop&Stare

Media: video projections and frames 

Instagram: @eroznovan 
     Elena is a second year student at CSULB. She is trying to get her MFA. Her exhibition Stop and Stare was peaceful to look at. It was a projections of a video of the change of colors throughout time in a desert with frames around the color giving a different color effect. Elena calls these frames windows, she uses them to bring a 2D and 4D content for the representation of the 3D experience. When you first enter Elena’s gallery you will see a black curtain that you have to walk into, then see a video of the desert with frames in the corners, and right there a long wooden bench so you may sit and watch for hours. She said the video is about twelve minutes long, and if you wait patiently you will see a change in the video. She uses the frames as geometric shapes that changes colors and angles used in photo graphics very similar to filters, its used to eliminate glares. When watching the desert landscape video I felt very calm and relaxed, it was very meditational. Elena said that people either feel meditational or nervous, because you’re either enjoying the video or expecting and waiting for something in the video. Elena is from Romania, and although she has no certain plans on what she wants to do after graduation, she’s thinking about the possibility of traveling and experimenting with other landscapes. 


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