Classmate Conversation #4

      In Wednesdays class I got to meet Cindy, she is a second year biology major. She commutes from Garden Grove to CSULB. When not at school she works at Ultra, a make up store. When Cindy isn’t going to school, and working she likes to go out a try new foods at different places. Calling herself a foodie. She says she never eats at the same place twice, she and her boyfriend like to be adventurist. They look up yelp reviews to see what place looks good to eat. Which is completely opposite from me, Im not very big on trying new foods, since Im a picky eater. Something me and Cindy do have in common is that we both played softball. But we didn’t play for the school. She did play club ball for a little bit but had to stop so she could focus on her grades. I didn’t play softball because I felt like I wouldn’t be good enough plus I wanted to focus on my grades. Overall it was great meeting Cindy. She was funny, and nice.  


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