Artist Convo #7 

Name Brittany water 
Gallery: Dennis w dutzi gallery 
Exhibition: #morethanasandbox 
Media: clay 
Year: Senior Year
Major:  bfa in ceramic art sculpture artists

        This week artist conversation I got to meet Brittany Water, who made #MoreThanASandbox. When you first walk into the gallery its a pathway of photos in seaturtles framed on the wall. My first assumption was the artist was a photographer. But when the wall ends around the corner is a small beach setting. It surprised me and many people. It was so pretty and cute. The floor was covered in sand there was a line of sea tutrles heading to the “water” the water was a projector. And beside the sea turtles was a beach chair. The artist tells how she first came here her expectation of beaches was she would be able to see sea turtles but thats not true. She made 118 sea turtles, all hand made and each one different from the next. Each little took her three to four hours. Brittany grew up in San Francisco transferred to CSULB in 2014. She already has her AA in studio art. Is currently getting her ceramics major. Her big inspiration is nature, she loves woods and trees. 


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