Week 12 Ethnography (Pre-Electric Cultures) 

For this project I wanted to be out doors. I couldn’t be out all night but we were out for most of the night. My boyfriend and I went to the beach on Thursday. After school him and I packed food, and went straight to the beach by the time we got there it was around 6 just as the sun was getting ready to set. We took our picture (a bad pic but whatever). I told him about the project and he was a little scared to be at the beach really late in the dark with no phone. Surprislgly when we first got there, there wasn’t that many people. The moment it got dark all these people showed. If we had to guess probably because of the celebration of 4/20 :). We were happy to see more people there with us, it was scary and it was cold but it was nice. The whole time we talked, stared at the stars and walked and even talked to a few of the people on the beach they were so nice and funny. Yes, I did want to take out my phone a few times to take pictures but we don’t really use our phones when we go out on dates, so that wasn’t hard. It was liberating too, felt free and kind of wild and dangerous even though we were just at seal beach. Of course I we couldn’t stay out too late the moment I got home I fell asleep right away. 


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