Artist Conversation #10 – Week 13 

Artist: Laura López Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery 

Exhibition: Selvàtica 

Media: Oil paints and canvas 

Year: senior year 

Degree: bachelors in architecture and mfa in painting and drawing
Laura is a young artist you created these beautiful paintings representing jungles in the most colorful way.  The paintings were mesmerizing to look at, they were both complex and simple. However when trying to speak to Laura for an interview she seemed cold and unwelcoming when asking her questions about herself and paintings she came off as rude. Overall what I did get from her is that she originally from Colombia. Laura got her inspiration for her paintings from visiting actually jungles when she was in her 20s. Originally Laura got her bachelors in architecture however she wanter to get her masters in drawing and painting because she wanted more freedom for her art. She saw architecture as a future stuck in an office. So she decided to continue going to school to have more freedom and fun with her art. Other than art Laura’s hobbies include singing, dancing, and gardening. I really like Laura’s paintings they reminded me of the scene from Curious George where he’s painting the jungle. It was cute, and simple, but Laura’s were more complex but the same idea of the image. 


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