Classmate Convo #7  -Week 13 

Classmate Conversation Week 13         This week I got to meet Kathryn a third year dance major. Kathryn seemed so nice and approachable from the start, casually starting the convo of the gallery and then moving to doing the classmate convo. I learned that Kathryn is originally from Fresno it not that far but it is quite the drive. But she came to CSULB for their great dance program, she’s been dancing since she was three years old. Kathryn said there were a few years where she even played softball and although she didn’t like playing softball she really loved dance. She’s actually a ballet dancer which I find very impressive because it seems so difficult and painful but you can tell by the way she talked about it she was passionate about it. She’s even currently making dance videos and sending them out for dance companies to see. But theres more to Kathryn than just dance, she is a cat person, employee at pieology, a sister, and enjoys singing and playing the viola. By Kathryn’s interests you can tell she’s an outgoing creative person and it was great meeting her and getting to know her. 


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