Classmate Converation #8 Week 14

As Jennifer and I were calmly sitting on the grass trying to work on our drawings we were approached by two girls Nikta and Shannon asking if we wanted to be in the group with them for the classmate convo and of course said yes which started to getting to know them. Starting off with the basics I learned that Shannon is a biology major in her 4th year who will be graduating soon next semester. Although she is graduating soon she’s still not certain about her plans for the future. Totally understandable how is a person who was use to going to years of school have to chose a job or something. Hopefully she figures out what her next move is soon. Like most people Shannon loves to watch tv, her favorite type of shows are forensic shows like Criminal Minds. We then moved on the topic of food just talking about KBBQ for awhile. Me suggesting her to go to Gen KBBQ because they’re Hawaiian steak is so good, a bit pricy there but its pretty good. Had a couple laughs here and there then went our separate ways but overall a great talk. 


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