Week 14 Sketching in the Garden 

So it was pretty frustrating having to do some of these drawings without erasing and within a certain amount of time. It only got more frustrating when we moved on where we couldn’t look as we were drawing. Even the very last one where can look and draw I still upset because the garden was so beautiful and my drawing was trash. Drawing all the assignments was frustrating but seeing the outcome and comparing them with others was pretty funny. In the end it didn’t matter much the garden is one of my favorite places to go. I feel immediately relaxed when I first walk in just enjoy the vibe it gives. I was looking forward to this activity all semester. In the end a friend and I stayed till the next class because we were just enjoying ourselves too much focusing on our drawings but also enjoying the atmosphere. Im not an artist when it comes to nature but it was a fun experience and was happy we got to do it. It was perfect timing too because I usually visit the garden on my own before finals just a way to relax before the stress hits. 


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