Week 15 Designing Your Life 

1.) Im in my second year of college working on a major in psychology. Why psychology? I really have no idea I just went with it so might as well finish with it. I have no set plans or goals so I dont know what I want to do with my life and yes I’m worried but I truly believe when something sparks my interest whatever it is, I will make goals and plans. 

2.) Cant loose what you dont have. 

3.) Honestly if I was financially stable I probably wouldn’t go to school but if I did decide to go to school maybe major in art or something. Ive thought about careers as a movie critic or director because of my love for movies, overtime after watching a film I usually criticize no matter how good and even give my input of this is what I would’ve done. 
I have no set plans but why bother having plans or goals? Life is so unpredictable, studies even shown most people dont even get jobs in what they majored in. I think thats dumb. But its true never know where life will lead you take our public speaker a POSC major and moves to another continent and to do what? Not what she majored in. But thats life. I wont make a goal I want to go with the flow I will obviously continue going to school and maybe get an internship soon and who knows maybe something will come from it but for now I have no plans and real set goals. 


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