Week 12-Artist Conversation #9

For Wednesdays class I interviewed artist, Alice Andreini, who’s gallery was NO-MANS LAND. I was amazed looking at the paintings they were huge, and with each one I saw different images but all were landscapes. I saw the moon, a cave, and fields of grass. Each painting was abstract that had lines that made it looks like tiles that seemed so real you wanted to reach out and touch it. I thought they were lovely that you could stare at them for awhile. Alice got the idea of the paintings from a golf course. But didn’t want it to represent … Continue reading Week 12-Artist Conversation #9

Artists Conversation #8

artist: Sovanchan Sorn gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery Exhibition: this is all I remember  Media: video, audio, interview, cotton, silk,wood, LED, monofilament, Copper  Degree: BFA fiber  Instagram: her first name (–)  Website: no website She was the first to graduate college. She emphasized on the importance of her community and her Cambodian background. She wanted to reach a larger pool or audience especially within the Cambodian community in hope to help refugees. This was her bra solo exhibition. Her interests include a few launched programs that went with the same topic of her art for the Cambodian community for 12th grade … Continue reading Artists Conversation #8

Architecture and Urban Plsnning – the Wedge 

The Wedge near Brotman Hall toward the USU and Upper Campus has kind of always been an annoyance for me. Between an two pillars theres a small space where most students go through it as a short cut instead of walking around the wall toward the path. I always saw it as a wall in the way, making students wait their turn to go through the small path instead of walking around. But when reading the assignment I learned what I thought was wall is a decorative architectural elements. It was actually kind of pretty to look at. Yes it … Continue reading Architecture and Urban Plsnning – the Wedge 

Artist Convo #7 

Name Brittany water  Gallery: Dennis w dutzi gallery  Exhibition: #morethanasandbox  Media: clay  Instagram  Year: Senior Year Major:  bfa in ceramic art sculpture artists         This week artist conversation I got to meet Brittany Water, who made #MoreThanASandbox. When you first walk into the gallery its a pathway of photos in seaturtles framed on the wall. My first assumption was the artist was a photographer. But when the wall ends around the corner is a small beach setting. It surprised me and many people. It was so pretty and cute. The floor was covered in sand there was a … Continue reading Artist Convo #7 

Artist Conversation #6

Artist: Dulce Doledad Ibarra Exhibition: Recuerdos  Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery West Media: found objects  Dulce is a bfa sculpture major. Recuerdos was her senior solo exhibition. I really enjoyed this exhibition because the moment I walked in it felt like a reminder of my childhood. It was a room within a room, what looked almost like a bed frame with draws and tables full of dolls, pictures, and knick-knacks. It wasn’t just a few dolls and knick-knacks but so many. It made me think what if I kept every doll and toy I ever had. I also noticed many … Continue reading Artist Conversation #6

Classmate Conversation #5 

This week I got to meet Renette and Kiara. I learned that both second years and are nursing majors. Most of Kiara’s family is in the medical field and really liked science in high school which is why she’s pursuing a major in nursing. Kiara enjoys playing sports but for fun, and Renette was in cross country in high school. Kiara like me doesn’t have a job, but Renette works in a bakery. We all enjoy watching movies and seeing what just came out. Kiara is the oldest and has two younger sisters. Renette is the youngest and has an … Continue reading Classmate Conversation #5